Welcome to The Dojo!

What we do...

The art we practice is Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu “The body method for the Warrior Way”.

The practice forms are born from the ancient battlefields of Japan and incorporate the disciplines of striking (Daken Taijutsu), grappling (Ju Taijutsu) and weapons (Buki) as tools for survival.

It is the timeless relevance of these traditional patterns (Kata) that develop the structure, (Kamae) skills (Waza) and principles (Heiho) needed to address and navigate (Henka) violence today.

The Warrior goal past and present, is the healthy cultivation (Tanren) of a strong flexible body (Taihen Jutsu) and balanced mind (Shin Gi Tai).

Practice (Keiko) assists people to connect to nature and ground themselves in the moment (Shugyo).

Some of the skills we cultivate during practice....

Explore movement rooted in ancient traditions as you practice in a fun, safe and professional environment.

Self Defense

Self Control

Joint Locks


Practice is multi-faceted and encourages self reflection to embrace a balanced lifestyle, with emphasis ​on real personal protection and the ability to increase your health and chances of survival.​


Patience & Focus



Safely develop a firm base of fundamental biomechanics through relaxed natural movement and improve your absorption and redirection of force.​

Ground Work

Punching & Kicking


Weapon Work

Learn through the practise of the fundamental combat mechanics (falling; striking; kicking; wrestling; throwing; locking; choking; escaping; disarms) and modern & historic weapons (blades; sticks; spears; flexables; projectiles; weapon retention) to improve your movement.

and much, much more!!!

Connect to Self & Nature ​through Movement.