This Membership is for students who wish to Affiliate themselves to The Bujinkan under the Association (Bujinkan Kai Africa) of Jason Oscar Roberts, Bujinkan Dai Shihan Menkyo.

Your Non Refundable Purchase includes:

  1. Membership Card (giving access to participation & discounted services).

As long as you are subscribed to a Monthly Service within your Annual Membership, it can also include FREE:

  1. Personalised Bujinkan email -

  2. 15GB Google Drive and Google Workspace Applications.

  3. Access to Membership Portal.

  4. Access to Discounted Services.

  5. Access to Members Only Services.

  6. Access to On-Line Content Services (T&C Apply).

You will need to complete this FORM and if approved, email admin@bujinkan-budo with your proof of purchase.

R150 45min Drop In Group Class Fee

Terms & Conditions:

Application to visit the Dojo must be completed & accepted by The Dojo. Upon receipt & confirmation of your request to visit The Dojo, are you welcome to Purchase this Service.

225g Light Weight, 100% Cotton

BLACK KEIKOGI - Coming Soon!

Terms & Conditions: Postage not included in advertised price. We don't do tailor and as fittings are not possible, the size chart above should determine your "fit" within an acceptable range. No belt is included in the purchase and has to be purchased separately.


We Appreciate Your Support