My Belief

Born through understanding...

The Body is Restored by Manual Therapy,

Maintained through Movement and

Protected with Martial Arts.

I look forward to sharing my experiences of these traditions with you.

Warm Regards,

Jason Oscar Roberts

Bujinkan Dai Shihan Menkyo

Bujinkan Taka Seigi Dojo South Africa, Shibu-Cho

a brief history

I train in Japan with Soke (Grandmaster) Masaaki Hatsumi and the senior Japanese teachers, as well as Dai Shihan (Senior Master Teacher) Phil Legare (Shinken Gata Menkyo Kaiden holder and Founder of Sentinel International). My Martial Arts journey started in 1977 and includes Boxing; Karate; Judo; Muay Thai; Jujutsu; Bujinkan & Personal Protective Measures.

In 1992 I opened my Dojo and started teaching Martial Arts and later added the complementary qualifications of: L1 First Aider; Certified Exercise Teachers Association Trainer; Certified Shiatsu Therapist & Pilates Teacher. I have a background in Business Management, Telecommunications, Fitness, Body Therapy and Combat.

I assist Corporations, Government Agencies & Civilians in Systems of Physical Conflict Management (Breath, Posture, Movement, Mobility, Impact, Fulcrums, Levers, Escape, Suppression, Conflict Response, Tactical Tools, Strategic Survival & Inner Dynamics). Using my experience in restoring; maintaining & defending the body, I share Self Awareness through Movement and assist people to become healthier and free in their being.

The purpose of my Bujinkan Shibu (Branch) Dojo (Bujinkan Taka Seigi Dojo South Africa) is to be a source of learning, preserving the skills and values taught by Hatsumi Sensei. The Bujinkan Kai Africa (Bujinkan Association in Africa) is a platform providing support to Bujinkan Teachers and Students in Africa.


Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi

Senior Master Teacher Phil Legare

Grandmaster Yukio Noguchi

Grandmaster Toshiro Nagato

Senior Master Teacher Kennichi Someya

Bujinkan Headquarters in Japan with Grandmaster Hatsumi and Senior Master Teachers Jo-Anne & Phil Legare.


On ko chi shin

"To Study Something Old and Discover Something New"